Indonesian Government Scholarships For Prospective Faculty

Indonesian Government Scholarships For Prospective Faculty
Indonesian Government Scholarships For Prospective Faculty
Indonesian Government Scholarships For Prospective Faculty

Indonesian Government Scholarships For Prospective Faculty Indonesia is a big country with a population that is too large. Unfortunately, the population of Indonesia, which has a doctoral degree is relatively low compared to countries with large like India, China, and America. In 2011, Indonesia's population who have completed studies of new S3 23,000 of the population at that time was mencapau 230 million. While India has had 1.69 million doctors and 3.1 million Americans with doctorates. Indonesian government managed to increase the number of doctors to 25,000 people in 2012.

As a strategic step to provide quality higher education, relevant, internationally competitive and equitable in all the provinces, affordable (MONE Strategic Plan 2010-2014, T4), Ministry of National Education Republic of Indonesia launched / held several special programs aimed at providing competent lecturers with doctoral qualifications.

Doctoral qualification acceleration program at this college is one of the five priorities as stated by the Minister of National Education. "Currently there are 23 thousand lecturers doctoral educational background (S3) of 270 thousand professors. The amount is only about eight percent. Therefore, up to 2014-2015 can be increased to 20% or 30 thousand. So every year there must be additional new doctorates at universities around 5-6 thousand ". The Government continues to increase the number of doctors in Indonesia to achieve the target number of doctors who increasingly inadequate in 2015.

One of the efforts made by the government through the implementation of the Master of Education Scholarship program for Bachelor's degree Towards Excellence (PMDSU). It develops educational scholarship scheme for the awardee to complete the study S2 and S3 in just 4 years. Duration of 4 years is much faster than the normal study period, which reached 6-8 years.

Pendididikan Masters Scholarship Program for Graduate Doctoral Towards Excellence (PMDSU) is intended for graduates (S1) best (fresh graduates) in the country that wants to become a lecturer. They will receive scholarships to study in up to doctorate (S3) for four years. Scholarships offered PMDSU Directorate General of Higher Education (Higher Education) that registration is now open for the scholarship PMDSU Batch II of the academic year 2015/2016. With the implementation of this scholarship program, is expected to produce an acceleration of the study period to produce graduates S3, or a doctorate. And expectations, the need for graduates with a doctorate, to participate to promote national education, will more quickly realized.

The opening Batch II 2015/16 and Campuses That Can Be Selected

Now, PMDSU Scholarships offered Directorate General of Higher Education (Higher Education), and re-opened registration for Scholarship PMDSU Batch II of the academic year 2015/2016. Scholarship organizers college PMDSU Batch II in 2015, among them the Agricultural Institute of Bogor, Bandung Institute of Technology, University of Airlangga, Universitas Andalas, Universitas Diponegoro, Sriwijaya University, Institute of Technology, and the University of North Sumatra. You can choose to continue education at one of the university.

Procedures and General Requirements

In contrast to some other scholarship programs of Higher Education, as BPP-LN or BPP-DN specifically intended for applicants who have the status of professor or lecturer candidates, PMDSU Scholarship is open to fresh graduates who want to become a lecturer. S2 + S3 with a scheme that is expected to be completed in four years, candidates who graduate S1 can start preparing further studies to S3 education. But must first begin by getting guidance promoter who eventually proposed applicants during registration.

Funding scholarships PMDSU of which include the cost of research in the research group / promoter (maximum USD 60 million / per year), outsourcing research facilities at home and abroad, the cost of the seminar, the cost of education (SPP / UKT), the cost of living and allowances of students, and administrative costs.

General requirement:

1. Graduated S1 in the last three years

2. Have a minimum GPA of 3:25

3. Register online through


PMDSU Scholarship Applicants can register online through the website PMDSU Higher Education Scholarship ( from 25 May - July 18, 2015.

In these pages available candidates promoters that can be selected to be proposed as a promoter or supervisor. Applicants can view their profile, such as track record field of study, research studies, etc. PMDSU scholarship before signing up, you are asked to communicate in advance with the promoter candidates, including for example menyanyakan their willingness to become promoter you.

The promotorlah which will decide who they agree to become their guidance. After that, applicants applying to graduate programs (PPs) at their campus to meet all entry requirements at the university.

Indonesian Government Scholarships For Prospective Faculty

Indonesian Government Scholarships For Prospective Faculty
Indonesian Government Scholarships For Prospective Faculty
List of universities listed on the web page mentioned above can be a reference and consideration for you who are interested. PPs to the registration activities and enrollment Scholarships PMDSU you can do simultaneously. However, applicants are advised to register in advance to PPS destination. More can be found in the technical manual that can be downloaded PMDSU Scholarship in Higher Education at the top of the page.

Applicants are only allowed to submit a proposal to the college (PT) organizers PMDSU. Determination PMDSU scholarship recipients will be announced by the PPS places of study. If accepted, you will sign a contract with the Higher Education as a lecturer candidate.

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