Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace - In the Islamic religion taught every animate surely die, so it is with us humans. Rich or poor newborn and elderly must die.

Everyone Islam dreams aspirations to die in Islam.Mati is best to die as martyrs.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said, Death is the most precious death of the martyrs. (Asysyihaab).

Islam teaches that human beings after death only brings three cases to the grave, according to the words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

There are three things which follow after the death of the deceased, the family, his property and his charity. That the two back and one stayed with him. Returnees are families and wealth, while living with him is his charity. (HR. Bukhari and Muslim).

Are you ready for a dead friend, how much stock do you prepare to take to the grave a friend.

Among the best composition Egypt Sheik Ali Thanthawi Rahimahullah

When you kick the bucket, do you lament. Wouldn't fret tossed you are now blurring, in light of the fact that the Muslims will fare thee well tossed you. They will incapacitate garments, washed and afterward take you to your spot mengkafanimu new, GRAVE.

There will be numerous individuals who convey jenazahmu even they will leave their business to take an interest covered you. What's more presumably numerous who no more think about your recommendation on one day.

Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace

Things will be stuffed your things, bolt your keys, books, baggage, shoes and garments. On the off chance that the family concurs that stuff will fortitude that bermnfaat for you.

Rest guaranteed, the world and the universe won't be bothered with kepergianmu.ekonomi will proceed! The position will be filled work of others. Fortune be legitimate for the beneficiary.

While you who will be judged and represented little and vast of fortune!

Pity upon that,

Individuals who know you look would say, too bad. Your buddies will lament a couple of hours or a couple of days prior they were once again to typical and chuckling delight!

At home there is anguish! Your family will be pitiful week two weeks, a month or two, and perhaps up to a year ??

At that point they place you in the files of memories! So "your story has finished in the center man". Furthermore that story really began, Hereafter !!

Have died grandness, riches, wellbeing, and youngster. Have you went out, castle and his darling wife.

Presently genuine has started.

The inquiry is What is your readiness for the grave and Akhiratmu ??

This quintessence requires perenungan.usahakan sincere.

Risk commitments, the things disunnahkan, aid mystery, mystery deeds, supplication to God night, Hopefully you survived. In the event that you remind individuals to this article will impact Hopefully you experience in your great adjust on the Day of Judgment.

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