Let's take a short course in the Netherlands

Let's take a short course in the Netherlands
Let's take a short course in the Netherlands

Let's take a short course in the Netherlands-There is no age limit.Programs funded by this STUNED definite and convincing.

It is very easy, the first look at the Dutch educational institutions that one of the programs short courses organized by higher education institutions in the Netherlands.

Once accepted by the institution of higher education in the Netherlands as evidenced by the receipt of a letter submitted by you along with other terms to STUNED. STUNED is what you pay out later.

Let us see what are the requirements to be financed by the conditions STUNED

Let's take a short course in the Netherlands

StuNed - Short Courses

General requirements

1 Indonesian citizen, proven by: copy of KTP or Civil Service Card

2 Received in one short course program organized by the higher education institutions in the Netherlands, evidenced by: Letter of Acceptance (letter of acceptance / admission letter) from universities in the Netherlands which clearly indicate the name of the course, the start and end dates of the courses selected and the total tuition fee.
Minimal S1

3 or equivalent and be able to demonstrate evidence of academic achievement (GPA min. 2.75); evidenced by: a certified transcript with graduation date and year set out therein.

Let's take a short course in the Netherlands

4 Work experience (after graduation S1) at least 2 years to be, proven by: copy of the employment contract (SK) or a contract of employment.

5. approval of the institution; proven by: official statement of the institutions on the stamp stating that his staff were allowed to study in the Netherlands. This statement is written in the form StuNed.

6 Statement willing to follow and complete the entire lecture for receiving scholarships StuNed written form;

7 Having good English proficiency; evidenced by: the results of the Internet Based Test (IBT) TOEFL with a minimum score of 68, or a minimum IELTS 5.5.

8 curriculum vitae (Curriculum Vitae) by using the standard forms contained in the website;

9 Priority is given to staff working partner Dutch Embassy;

10 There is no age limit.

Elective courses
All courses are short courses in Studyfinder with a maximum 6-month study period.

March 1 (for programs starting between July 1 s / d December 31); October 1 (for programs starting between January 1 s / d June 30)

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